What is Live-streaming?

Live-streaming is a word that is being thrown around in the events world at the moment, in simple terms livestreaming is just like a live cross on the TV except instead the audience is on the internet.

Why Livestream?

1. It can reduce your risk when running an event during Covid times, if a region shifts levels and events become restricted to a number of allowable attendees, with a small amount or reorganisation an event can easily move from a hybrid event to become online only.

2. The target audience reach becomes greater.

3. The Livestream video can be made available after the event for people to go back and watch or even check out a part of the event that the really enjoyed or want to know more about.

How does livestream work?

in simple terms video is converted, streamed to the internet to a platform and made available for people to view. In reality Livestreaming is a bit more complex and there are many factors involved in the best way to livestream . First of all we need to capture the video maybe even a presentation or other content. Next step is to convert the video and stream it to its destination, the destination could be anywhere such as a website, Facebook, YouTube, twitter or Vimeo, just to name a few. Once the stream reaches its destination it is made available for people to view via their computer, laptop or device.

What equipment is needed?

A good quality camera or webcam, a computer or laptop for a simple setup. A more complex setup might involve multiple cameras, a hardware video switcher and a streaming device. There are many other factors that come into the equation when deciding what equipment you need. A livestreaming exert can help by asking all of the right questions and gathering up all of the information about what you want to achieve. They can advise on the right equipment and the right platform to stream to for your event.

Where Should I Livestream too?

This depends on many factors such as your target audience, if the event is private, ticketed or public. Facebook and YouTube are simple streaming services, but there are many, more complex, streaming services available, each platform has its benefits.

Free or Pay?

Livestreamed events can be made available to your attendees in several different ways, free/publicly available, private link or placed behind a paywall. Which one is best depends on your event and your audience, an example would be a wedding or funeral is best not being publicly available but only accessible if the viewer has the private link. A conference or meeting where people have paid to attend in person would be best placed behind a paywall.

Should I charge more or less for Livestreaming?

Charge the same or more as those attending in person, you want to encourage people to attend your event in person as well as make the event accessible to those who are not able to attend in person.

How can we help?

Event Squared can help you with Livestreaming for your next event. Check out for more information. Contact us today to discuss how Event Squared can help your event during Covid-19. Call Braden on 021 324 852 or email

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