Take the Covid risk out of your next event

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Although things are so much better here in NZ than elsewhere in the world at the moment, trying to run an event during a global pandemic is though with changes in alert levels and requirements to meet social distancing guidelines. Add in people’s nervousness to attend due to the risk of contracting Covid, and your headache is complete.

2 ways for event planners to keep the virus out

1. Livestreaming

This is a great way to protect your event against changes in alert levels and at the same time, it opens it up to more people. Those who can’t attend in person can now experience your event from wherever they are.

New Zealand has been a little behind the rest of the world with livestreaming. As a nation, we’re just starting to catch on and realise that hybrid events - those that are both in real life but also online – are a great way to provide resilience should something happen that stops people from attending.

We’ve seen over the past few weeks how suddenly things can chance for the country, or a specific area so with that in mind… if this was to happen just before you’re holding your event, what choice would you have but to cancel?

With a hybrid event, a change like this would have much less impact. You can shift things to online. If you as the event organiser have the email addresses of the attendees, it’s easy enough to send them the livestream link. They don’t have to miss a thing.

Livestreaming doesn’t just provide resilience, it also opens the event up to people who may not be able to attend due to illness, travel or time. People can watch at home, from the office, or even at the gym.

When you make the video of the livestream available after the event, you have the potential to reach and even greater audience as people can tune in whenever they want, replay it again another time, fast forward to the bits they are especially interested in, and share it with their network and friends.

Livestreaming can be complex, unless you’re already savvy with it, so I recommend for you to hire a technical company that knows what they are doing to take care of it.

2. TableHub

This dynamic little device called TableHub is changing the face of events. It’s been developed right here in New Zealand, and it’s not just a good-looking centrepiece for the table. TableHub is a square device that has a screen on each of its four sides. Content such as promotions, table numbers, menus, order of events and so much more can be shown on the device.

There are three different modes of operation: static, operator and interactive. Each has its own benefits and wow factor (trust me, you’ll go wow when you first see it in operation). TableHub does not just make your event look pretty, it’s pretty smart, too.

Using Tablehub reduces the need to print lots of paper for table numbers, menus, order of events, etc. That cuts down waste at the end of the event. Carbon footprint is important, but it also has another big bonus.

It reduces the number of items on the table that attendees might touch. Less surfaces that can potentially be contaminated, which is a big plus in times like these when Covid-19 rages around the world. The possibilities of where and how to use TableHub are endless.

How can we help?

Event Squared can help you both with Livestreaming and with booking TableHub for your next event. Check out for more information. Contact us today to discuss how Event Squared can help your event during Covid-19. Call Braden on 021 324 852 or email

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