About Sofa Sessions

About Sofa Sessions


What is Sofa Sessions?

Sofa sessions is a unique opportunity for local performers to have a short performance, either filmed by yourself and sent in or Filmed by Event Squared, The video's will be hosted online.


Whats the aim of Sofa Sessions?

The aim of Sofa Sessions is to create a local platform to promote and showcase Manawatu and Palmerston North talent. In time, we would love for Sofa Sessions to become a popular online show.

How does it work?

Event Squared manages Sofa the Sofa Sessions online, You can either film your performance yourself and send to Event Squared or contact Event Squared and they will organise a day and time to record your performance.

What do I need to do?

 Think about a location for your performance, your performance could be outside, on a park bench, your sofa or maybe at the local community piano. Event Squared can help with suggestions of a location as well as help to find a location. Contact Event Squared to book your performace in.


Anyone, if you have a talent and want to share it, Sofa Sessions is for you. You could be an individual, a duo or trio, a school choir, even a community busker.

Where is it hosted?

The performances will be hosted on the Event Squared website under the Soda Sessions link. 

What does it cost?

Nothing, this is the start of a new exciting concept. We have plans for the future but at this stage we wish to keep it free.

What happens to the recorded footage?

The video footage undergoes a basic edit to tidy it up and turn it into a short video ready for online. The edited video is available on the Event Squared website for anyone to view. We encourage you to post the video on social media with a link to the Sofa Sessions hosting page.

How do I get involved?

Its as simple as sending Event Squared an email at eventsquarednz@gmail.com or calling us on 021 324852 or use the contact button below.